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Function areas B. Front Office Hierarchy C. Personality Traits 2. Days, Dates, Time, Months and Seasons 3. Functions B. Procedures and records 4. Layout B. Front office equipment non automated, semi automated and automated 5.

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What is time share? How is it different form hotel business? Classification of timeshares D. Types of accommodation and their size 6. Single B. Double C. Twin D. Suits 7. Size B. Star C. Ownership basis E. Independent hotels F. Management contracted hotel G.

Chains H. Supplementary accommodation J. Time shares and condominium 8. Tourism and its importance B. Hospitality and its origin C. Hotels, their evolution and growth D. Brief introduction to hotel core areas with special reference to Front Office.

No comments.Hotel Engineering. Foundation Course in Front Office — I. Foundation Course in Accommodation Operations — I. Application of Computers. Foundation Course in Food Production — I. Principles of Food Science. Hotel Accountancy. Front Office Operations. Food Production Operations.

Food Beverage Controls. Accommodation Operations. Strategic Management. Front Office Management. Financial Management. Advance Food Production Operations. Accommodation Management. Front Office Management — II. Facility Planning. Accommodation Management — II. Foundation course in Food Production — I.

Front Office Management — I. Advance Food Production Operations — I. Accommodation Management — I.Initially only three food craft trades were introduced and subsequently other trades were added.

After upgradation of the Institute to the status of Institute of Hotel Management, the Institute has been receiving grant-in-aid from government of India with effect from 1st January The Institute has become self sufficient from financial year in its revenue expenditure.

However, the institute still depends for its capital expenditure on Government of India in the form of grant-in-aid. Accommodation operation and management is a responsible hob with an attractive image.

Here is no mundane nine to five hob.

2nd Semester Front Office IHM Notes For Hotel Management Students

It is a very active one, The essential qualities of food and beverage service. There was a time when cooking was purely an art but now it is descried as both. In the area of food production aim at enhancing the skill sets of the students. Within one year students are made to learn the nuances of food production. National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology Society was set up in the year by the Government of India as an autonomous body for coordinated growth and development of hospitality education in the country.

Initially, the Council was set up as the National Board of After you attend IHM, Bhubaneswar, We are always overjoyed to hear about our students' achievements after they leave us. What we hope you all share is a deep affinity for the education and experiences you gained excellence in professional education. The University is home to some of the top Executive Development Centre. National Conference - A man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes.

Great Facilities An array of head-turning facilities make our Institute a fantastic place to learn. Virtual Tours Locate Us. Our Campus You'll be impressed by our campus and our outstanding facilities. Accomodation We offer some of the best accommodation in the country. Hostel Library. Notice Board Our Latest Course. Read more. Craftsmanship Course in Food Production Here is no mundane nine to five hob.

It is a very active one, The essential qualities of food and beverage service Read more. Craftsmanship Course in Food and Beverage Services. There was a time when cooking was purely an art but now it is descried as both Read more.

Diploma in Food Production In the area of food production aim at enhancing the skill sets of the students. Download More Info Pic Gallery Downloads. Our Recruiters. Clean India 2nd October, Photo Gallery. Read More. Video Gallery.

Hotel management semester notes FRONT OFFICE-meals

IHM Bhubaneswar.Role of information technology in the hospitality industry B. Factors for need of a PMS in the hotel C. Factors for purchase of PMS by the hotel D. Accounting Fundamentals B. Guest and non guest accounts C.

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Functions B. Audit procedures Non automated, semi automated and fully automated 6. Importance of security systems B.

Front Office Management IHM Notes

Safe deposit C. Key control D. Emergency situations Accident, illness, theft, fire, bomb 7. Role Play D. Hot function keys 2.


Create and update guest profiles 3. Send confirmation letters 4. Print registration cards 5. Make an Add-on reservation 7. Amend a reservation 8. Cancel a reservation-with deposit and without deposit 9. Log onto cahier code Process a reservation deposit Pre-register a guest Put message and locator for a guest Put trace for guest Check in a reserved guest Check in day use Check —in a walk-in guest Maintain guest history Make sharer reservation Add a sharer to a reservation Make room change Make check and update guest folios Process charges for in-house guests and non-resident guests.

Handle allowances and discounts and packages Process advance for in-house guest Post a Comment. It is the activity of booking the room in advance for a guest on his request for future, may be a few days to months in advance. A reservation is a bilateral contact between the hotel and the guest according to which the hotel must provide a specific type of room to a guest and guest should bear all relevant charges.

Advance reservations are orders that are received by a hotel and are good guidelines to the front office manager of the expected business and revenue for the future. If the hotel is not in a position to accommodate the guest with reservation, it is the legal moral responsibility of the hotel to provide accommodation in the hotel of same standard and if the hotel fails to do so, the guest may claim compensation.

The main function of reservation of the hotel is to help the hotel in generating the revenue from future and prospective room sale.

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Its function is to receive the reservation request from the prospective guest, check availability of the room, to process the request and either to accept, wait list it, or deny it, communicating it and recording it. Hence the secondary function also arises i.

Reservation is very important for hotel as it gives the hotel time to plan the activity and action for a guest who would arrive to hotel, hotel can look for a right room which matches the requirement of the guest, which must be suitable according to guest need.

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Necessary arrangements like cleaning of room, special arrangements like flowers, slippers etc can be done in advance. Hotel can forecast future revenue that would be generated and can take necessary action for improvement as well so as to maximize revenue.

Hotel can schedule their staff needs more accurately to avoid any chaos due to inadequate staff availability at time. Provides customers for other department. Thus, it shows the importance of reservation. For Guest. Assurance of accommodation is always there.

Choice in the type of accommodation. The process of making a reservation or hotel booking begins with the enquiry from prospective guest who contact the hotel to ask for brochure or to ask specific questions about the price and availability of rooms for the period they are in are interested in. Such requests are an important opportunity to give a good first impression of the hotel; a prompt, positive, and courteous response will assure prospective guests that they will receive good services if they book in this hotel.

IN PERSONS- People may come in off the streets as walk-ins and may enquire about the offers of the hotel as they are travelling unexpectedly without making advance reservation. A local person may also drop in, since it is convenient to do so to make a booking on behalf of someone, for e.

The advantage of this type of enquiry system is that both the hotel and the guest gather information and get their questions answered in real time and written confirmation of the details can also be prepared and handed over on the spot. These can be used to confirm booking made by telephone, so that both parties have written evidence of what was discussed and agreed.

It involves interaction between guest and hotel and exchange information in real time. It is generally used to make last minute booking. The disadvantage of it is that it does not get any detail of conversation in black and white.Aims and objectives of cooking 5. Attitude and Behavior in the kitchen 1. Bakery Egg Fats and Oils — 10 D. Kitchen Organization Kitchen Hierarchy Lesson on sauce -6 iii.

Level of skill -1 A. Methods of cooking Origin of modern cuisine Parts of knife. Raising Agent ii.

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Safety procedure of handling equipment — 1 E. Salad and Salad dressings new.

ihm notes front office 2nd semester

Soup - 8. Stock -6 II. Techniques of preparations -5 E. Vegetables and fruits handout -6 I. Ancillary Department -3 II. Attributes Of A Good Waiter 2. Beverage Classification- 5. Departmental Organization - 2. Familiarization French Terms - 4.

Hotel Catering Industry Non Alcoholic Beverages Types Of Catering Establishments -1ii. Classification Of Hotels. Types Of Rooms. Full Forms. Staff Org. Ceramics 5.Thursday, January 20, front office notes. One by the guests last name and another by assigned room number.

An Information rack is commonly used to assist Front Office employees with proper routing of telephone calls, mails, messages and visitors inquiries. The Information rack normally consists of aluminium slots designed to hold guest information slips. These slots can be easily arranged and rearranged to fit the immediate needs of the hotel.

ihm notes front office 2nd semester

Computer systems eliminate the need for an Information rack since guest name and room number data are easily retrievable through computer system. The room rack is an array of metal file pockets designed to hold room rack slips that display guest and room status information.

The Room rack is normally recessed into the front desk countertilted against the desk, or mounted below or behind the desk. When key slots are added to the Room rack, it can serve as combination room and key rack. The Room rack contains a summary of information about the current status of all rooms in the hotel. A room rack slip or in some hotels, the guest registration card itself can be inserted into the Room rack to display guest information, room number and room rate.

At one glance the room rack informs the front office assistant of the occupancy and housekeeping status of all rooms. The room rack may also contain information about room types, features and rates. This information may be used to match available room with guest request during the registration process. Need for room rack is eliminated in a computerised system.

ihm notes front office 2nd semester

To minimise the number of racks in the front desk area, hotels may combine the key rack with either the room rack or the mail and message rack. A combination of these is either a free standing wall unit, an under the counter row of compartments, or a set of drawers. Some front offices use rack as room divider by placing it between the front desk and the telephone operators.

When mail and message compartments of the rack are open from both sides, telephone operators and front office assistants have equal access to rack contents.

Guests receive help from the bell attendants. Bell attendants provide baggage service between the Lobby area and the guest room. Bell boy returns to the bell desk with errand card and hands it over to the bell captain. Hotel tags are prepared and fixed by the bell boy in the presence of the guest to identify the luggage and avid confusion or mistakes.

Bell boy escorts the guest to the room with the luggage. Places luggage on the luggage stand or as directed by the guest.

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Returns to the bell desk and punches time of return on the errand card. The details on the errand card are filled up by the bell captain. He also makes entries of the details into his control sheet on the bell boys return. The errand card contains details such as the description and the number of pieces of baggage, the time at which the bell boy left the counter, time of return etc.

They are especially effective in inducing guests to accept medium-priced and deluxe rooms instead of minimum - rate accommodations this techniques are. No presume is applied, the guest does that all by himself.